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Jan 14

Charlotte Peeing In Leggings

Charlotte is in the garden in her tight leggings, she is desperate to pee and is holding on as long as she can. She turns around and bends over and we get to see that her leggings are so shear that they are see through. Bent over she starts to pee. As she is peeing in her leggings her pee is making great stain you can see the rivers of pee as thy run down her legs. She pulls her piss soaked leggings down to show her dripping wet panties and then pulls them up again and walks off.

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Jul 12

Faye Peeing In Her Grey Leggings

Faye is in her legging and a pink top she has no bra on and we get to know this as she takes her top off to show her lovely breasts. She stands topless in her leggings and starts to pee her pee flows down her legs and pools in her pink boots she will sound sloshey when she walks. Faye finishes peeing in her leggings and then pulls them down to show off her pissed in panties not content with stopping she then takes down her panties showing us her shaved pissy pussy. A wonderful topless leggings pee from Wetting Her Panties

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Jul 12

Heidi B Peeing In Her Tights

Heidi is outdoors in her tights with a nice full bladder she crosses her legs and then opens them and then she starts to pee in her tights. She really gives them a good soaking they are dripping. She finishes peeing in her tights pulls them down and shows her wet great panties they are so soaked they are dripping. A great set from Wetting Her Panties.

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